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Heritage and Diving Village December 19, 2009

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Dubai is one of the most favorite touristic destinations in the world. It is the most technologically and financially developed city in the region of the Middle East. But, underneath the luxury lifestyle lays the old city which witnessed the evolution from a small fishing village to the modern metropolis which is Dubai today.

Visiting the old part of the city is inevitable if we want to learn something about the past of the city and the region. One of the old Dubai attractions is the Heritage and Diving village.
This village is a living museum in the form of a settlement. In the Heritage and Diving village we can learn about the traditional lifestyle in the Dubai emirate. The village is located near the Dubai creek in the district called Shindagha. The Heritage and Diving village can show us the traditional occupations from the old days of the region. The most popular occupations were pottery making, trading, crafting, fishing and pearl gathering. In the village the tourists can experience the culture and heritage of Dubai.

During our visit to this Dubai attraction we can buy some of the products of traditional craftsmanship. This is an excellent opportunity to buy a unique Dubai souvenir which will remind us about our vacation. The entry to the Heritage and Diving village is free, but we must be aware of the fact that the traders do not accept credit cards so we must bring enough cash along if we are planning to do a little souvenir shopping.


Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House October 7, 2009

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Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House is a very important historical building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The historical buildings of the city are important because they are parts of the historical heritage and the culture of the Middle East. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum was the ruler of Dubai. He ruled from 1921. to 1958. and he is the grandfather of the current ruler of Dubai.

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House was built in 1896. and it is located in the Shindagha district on the banks of the Dubai Creek right beside the Heritage and Diving Village. The location was chosen because from the balcony of the house the ruler got a clear view of the sea and the sea traffic activities.

Until the year 1958. the house was used as a familiar home of the Al Maktoum clan. The house is very large and it has 30 rooms and additional wind towers. It was built in a traditional Arabic courtyard style. The materials used to rebuild the original home of the ruler were high quality wood and gypsum. The doors and the other wooden decorations have beautiful carvings and other decorations.

After 1958. the house is used as a museum which displays the very rare photographs and other items of the Al Maktoum family and became a very popular Dubai attraction. Beside the rare photographs we can see various selections of coins and stamps which belonged to the ruling family. All of these items provide prefect insight into the culture of the old Dubai and they can show us the rapid development of the city of Dubai.


Jumeirah Mosque September 16, 2009

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Jumeirah Mosque is located in Dubai and it is one of the landmarks of the city. It is built is Fatimic tradition and it is made of the combination of stone and modern materials. The Jumeirah Mosque is considered to be the most attractive mosque in the city and over the years it became a famous Dubai attraction.

The name Jumeirah became almost a brand in Dubai and it describes the most exclusives parts of Dubai. The Jumeirah Mosque is the most significant  mosque of the city.

For Muslim inhabitants of the city the mosque is a place of worship, but for the visitors it is a touristic and architectural attraction. The non Muslim people can visit the mosque only in organized groups and there are a few basic ground rules which must be respected. The visit of the mosque is enabled only on Saturday, Sunday and Thursday at 10 am. The visitors must assemble a group in front of the structure where the rules and information are posted. The women must wear long skirts / trousers, long sleeves and need to wear hat or scarf. The men must wear also long trousers and shirts. Everybody must take their shoes off before entering the mosque.

The tours to the Jumeirah mosque are organized to show the non Muslims the ways of the Islamic religion and the bring closer the various cultural religious groups. Not respecting the rules of conduct in the mosque are considered offensive and they can result expel from the religious object.


Bayt Al-Wakeel July 21, 2009

Dubai is a favorite exotic destination. There are a lot of things to see in the city and one of the Dubai attractions is the Old Dubai, the historical part of the city. This part of the city can acquaint us with the traditional lifestyle of Dubai. One of the historically important parts of the old Dubai is the Bayt Al-Wakeel.

Bayt Al-Wakeel is historical building in Dubai and its name literally means ” Agents Home ” in Arabic. The building was originally built to serve the purpose of a shipping office in the year 1935. It is located on the mouth of the Dubai Creek. This building was very significant in the first years of development of the city. It was the first location for import and export in the early Dubai.

Today the Bayt Al-Wakeel is an elite restaurant which serves traditional Arabic sea foods. The whole restaurant is designed to preserve the atmosphere of the past and provides and extraordinary experience to the visitors. Beside the great food and the breathtaking view the management of the Bayt organizes fishing trips and parties.

The specialities of the dining restaurant are the traditional Arabic meals like the swish tawouk and lamb chops. The meals are well spiced and marinated and they are served with fresh bread and Arabic salad made of zesty. The Bayt Al-Wakeel offers a wide variety of beverages but the specialty of the house are the fresh natural strawberry, avocado and guava juices. The alternative to these juices is the traditional mint-lemon juice.


Grand Mosque July 18, 2009

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Dubai is the center of Muslim religion and culture. It is considered to be the most liberal amongst the Muslim countries but it still preserves the cultural heritage of the Islamic religion.

The Grand Mosque of Dubai is a very important religious building and it is located on the Bur Dubai side of the creek. The Grand Mosque is one of the most popular religious Dubai attractions. The mosque is believed to be the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates and its capacity is 1200 people.

The Grand Mosque was built in a traditional Arabic manner and it was opened in the year 1900. The original purpose of the building was to act as a Quarnic school, a kuttab. The kuttabs were places where the children learned to recite the Quran. In the year 1998. The Grand Mosque was rebuilt and it is a 70 meters high structure and it is the tallest minaret in Dubai. After the reconstruction the mosque got sand colored walls and new wooden shutters. The re-builders of the mosque stayed faithful to the Persian style of architecture and implemented blue mosaic works, sand colored facades and domes. Inside the mosque we can find handmade wooden structures and stained glass.

Only Muslims can gain entrance to the Grand Mosque, the non-Muslims can only visit the minaret and take some photos inside. The Grand Mosque is the religious center of worship in Dubai and it represents one of the most important historical monuments of the city. As such it is a favorite tourist site and many people visit the Grand Mosque during their Dubai holiday.


Dubai Museum July 14, 2009

One of the most interesting things about visiting foreign countries as a tourist is learning something about the history and the culture of the country or city. The best places to learn and see some items from the past are the museums.

The Dubai Museum is a famous Dubai attractions and it can help us to learn the past of the city. The Dubai Museum is located in the Al Fahidi Fortress. This fortress was built in 1787 and it is one of the oldest buildings in Dubai. The Dubai Museum opened its doors to the visitors in 1971 and the  goal of the museum was to show the traditional lifestyle in Dubai.

In the Dubai Museum we can find a lot of local antiquities and a number of African and Asian artifacts. Some of the displayed items come from 3000 B.C. The presence of African and Asian items can be explained with the fact that Dubai was a trading center and a large number of traders came from far lands to do business in Dubai. This was mainly because of the low taxes and tariffs which guaranteed good business opportunities.

The old fort was renovated in the year of 1970 and the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum decided to open the fort as a museum. So the Al Fahidi Fort became the Dubai Museum, the main museum of Dubai. If you visit Dubai make sure not to miss this magnificent place which witnessed the development of the city from its early days to its modern present.



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